PHP/SQL Course

Table of Contents

This course has more to come, but you can get started with what is here.
SQL 1: Introduction to SQL, Show Command PHP 10: PHP Debugging Code
SQL 2: SQL Understanding Data, Creating Tables PHP 11: PHP Regular Expressions
SQL 3: SQL Alter and Insert Commands PHP 12: PHP Sessions
SQL 4: SQL Update and Delete Commands PHP 13: PHP Sending Emails
SQL 5: SQL Functions PHP 14: PHP/MySQL Interface
SQL 6: SQL Select Statement PHP 15: PHP/MySQL Databases
SQL 7: SQL Where Clause, Like Condition PHP 16: PHP/MySQL Tables
SQL 8: SQL And/Or and Between Conditions PHP 17: PHP/MySQL Queries
SQL 9: SQL Distinct Keyword, Order By Clause PHP 18: PHP/MySQL Test Query
SQL 10: SQL Review PHP 20: PHP Includes
PHP 1: Introduction to PHP PHP 21: PHP Forms
PHP 2: PHP Variables PHP 22: PHP Pick Lists
PHP 3: PHP Strings PHP 23: PHP Handlers
PHP 4: PHP Arrays PHP 24: PHP Reports
PHP 5: PHP Conditionals PHP 25: Object Oriented Programming
PHP 6: PHP Loops PHP 26: Anatomy of a Class
PHP 7: PHP Functions PHP 27: Quote Tricks
PHP 8: PHP Good Code Practice PHP 28: Construct Tricks
PHP 9: PHP Error Handling App: Reference Links

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